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2018-2019 Staff

Nyasia Saetern

Staff Writer

Don’t be intimidated; I swear I’m nice. My name is Nyasia. I love food and puppies-- c’mon now, who doesn’t?

Aadesh Dutt

Photojournalist & Marketing

Hey there! My name is Aadesh Dutt. I am a photojournalist and in charge of marketing. I enjoy taking pictures and talking with others. I also enjoy doing fun things with my friends and family, like going out to eat . I would...

Riley Opiniano

Photojournalist and Project Manager

Hey! My name is Riley Opiniano. I am the RHS photojournalist and project manager. Outside of journalism, I enjoy volleyball and spending time with my older sister, Zoe. I can't wait for y'all to see all the hard work our te...

Anna Wu

Staff Writer and Cartoonist

My name is Anna Wu. I am a freshman attending RHS. I enjoy doing arts and crafts, such as origami and drawing. In Journalism, I plan to do articles on clubs happening in Renton High School and also social media trends (movies,...

Ruby Weller

Sports Editor and Writer

Hey! My names Ruby, and I will be writing about the things that are going on in sports and such.

Yariana Velasquez

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Yariana. I enjoy writing about unsolved mysteries and cold cases because the theories make them more interesting.

Karen Tran

Staff Writer

Hello, there! I'm Karen Tran, and I'm a sophomore this year at Renton. I enjoy volleyball, badminton, and video games (fps, mobile-third person). I like to draw and sometimes animate. I'm open for conversations, so feel free...

Ileana Shannon

Staff Writer

Hello. My name is Ileana Shannon. I am currently a Junior at RHS. I am originally from Texas, but my family decided to move to Renton, Washington during my Freshman year.  My birthday is on July 18, 2002.  My favorite hobbies involve drawing, playing video games, and baking s...

Analisa Ruiz

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Analisa Ruiz. I am a freshman at Renton. I play soccer for RHS as a mid-defender. I've played violin for 3 years in and out of school, which is one of my favorite hobbies and talents. I like to draw in my free...

Jacqueline Rodea

Staff Writer

Hey my name is Jacqueline Rodea, but I prefer to be called Jackie. I'm a sophomore here at Renton High. I enjoy helping people, singing and just making people's days.

Erick Rodea

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Erick Rodea. I get along with just about everyone that comes across my path. I am a fun person to be around with, no negativity in my life. I am very observant and like to help people out with anything. I am very...

Avery Petek

Staff Writer

My name is Avery Petek. I'm a ninth grader. I enjoy reading, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.  I write in the review section as well as other areas.

Angus Nordlund

Staff Writer

My name is Angus Nordlund, and I am a writer for the Arrow. I am a avid soccer player and cross country runner as well as a gaming enthusiast. In my spare time I enjoy reading, gaming, as well as just hanging out with fri...

Samantha Ioselani

Staff Writer

HI my name is Samantha Ioselani, and I'm a Sophomore at Renton High School. I will upload articles about music, club spotlights and reviews about books, tv shows, etc. I love living a happy life and hanging out with my great...

Misha Holman-Nickerson

Staff Writer

I'm Misha. I am on the RHS Cheer team, and I am in the 11th grade. I like to sleep and watch Netflix or Hulu. My favorite colors are pink and purple.

Ty'ina Hill

Staff Writer

My name is Ty'ina Hill, and I am a sophomore at Renton. I'm a creative writer that enjoys Korean pop music and Japanese animations! I can be really shy at times, but I enjoy getting to know new people! :)

Kierra Frazier

Staff Writer

My name is Kierra Frazier. I am a junior here at Renton High School. I play basketball and am also a member of Black Student Union. I enjoy dancing/stepping and hanging out with my friends and family.

Ana Cortez

Staff Writer

I like to write about very interesting or exciting events. I'm not one to pick just one topic, some topics include school pep assemblies or sports.

Delaney Connell

Senior Copy Editor and Photojournalist

Hi! My name is Delaney Connell. I'm a freshman here at RHS, and I'm your senior copy editor and photojournalist. In my free time, I love to read and play ice hockey.  My whole family plays hockey. My parents met playing it and...

Domanique Callier

Staff Writer

I am Domanique Callier, also known as "Girlfriend." I am a senior at Renton High School. I love to dance, socialize, and be a leader.

Malina Taing

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Malina Taing. I am a freshman at Renton High School. Instagram: @simply.malina Feel free to talk to me about anything, and I'll listen. :)...

Emma Austin


Hi guys! My name is Emma Austin; I’m a Junior, and Part-IB student here at Renton High School. I enjoy journaling, writing, reading, and attending all sorts of extracurricular events! This year I am President of the DECA...

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