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School Updates

Regular Bell Schedule 2018 – 2019

1st Period  07:20a – 08:30a
2nd Period 08:35a – 09:45a
3rd Period  09:50a – 11:05a
Lunch  11:05a – 11:35a
4th Period 11:40a – 12:50p
5th Period 12:55p – 02:03p

Friday (Advisory) schedule

1st Period  08:50a – 09:38a
2nd Period 09:43a – 10:31a
 Advisory 10:36a – 11:06a
3rd Period  11:11a – 11:50a
Lunch 11:50a – 12:20p
4th Period 12:25p – 01:11p
5th Period 01:16p – 02:03p

Friday (Late Start)

1st Period  08:50a – 09:42a
2nd Period 09:47a – 10:39a
3rd Period  10:44a – 11:40a
Lunch  11:40a – 12:10p
4th Period 12:15p – 01:07p
5th Period 01:12p – 02:03p
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School Updates