RHS Student Interview

Renton High School

Renton High School

Lillian Pham, Journalist

School is hard enough, with constant pop quizzes, piles of homework and extracurricular on top of that. But imagine doing all of this from your home where you have to do chores, watch your siblings and even help your parents around. But today, I interviewed Sophia Nguyen, Sophomore at Renton High School. She is one of the many students in America who had school from her bedroom.
Here is the transcription of our interview.
June 13th 2021, 3:32 pm
Lillian – “Hello Sophia, how are you?
Sophia – “ I’m okay! Thank you for asking, how are you doing?
Lillian – “Great Great, Thank you for letting me interview you today.”
Sophia – “Of course!”
Lillian – “Okay Question 1, What was your biggest takeaway from online school and having school in the middle of a pandemic?”
Sophia – “The biggest takeaway from online school and having school in the middle of the pandemic is being able to balance work but also putting time for family since we’re going through difficult times at the moment.”
Lillian – “That’s really sweet, Are you close with your family?”
Sophia – “I got a lot closer with them throughout the pandemic.”
Lillian “Nice, Have you enjoyed this time? Why, have you have or have not?”
Sophia – “I haven’t really enjoyed the time during the pandemic due to being unable to interact with my friends and being stuck at home all the time can get very stuffy.”
Lillian – “ I feel that, to add on to the question, what was your favorite thing to do while you were inside?”
Sophia – “Probably talk to my friends on the phone.”
Lillian – “ SO relatable *laughs*.. Do you prefer online school or In person school? Why?”
Sophia – “I prefer online school because it’s more flexible with due dates on when I need to turn assignments in.

Lillian – “Same lol.”

Sophia – “I mean how could you not?” 

Lillian – “Right, In a way, do you feel honored that we’re one of the only classes in history  that get to live through a pandemic?” 

Sophia – “I do feel honored because though we were in a pandemic, there has been a lot  of movements and advancements that we as a society have done during it like giving  more attention to BLM and LGBTQ+ rights.” 

Lillian – “That’s very true I definitely feel the same way. Are you excited to go back to in –  person classes next year?” 

Sophia – “Yes, because I’m able to have classes with my friends again as well as being able to  learn more effectively while in the classroom.” 

Lillian – “Okay thank you for interviewing with me!” 

Sophia – “You’re welcome!” 

As you can see, Sophia, like all of us, had her ups and downs of the last school year and  about the current global pandemic learning a lot in school and about our current society. Luckily  for her, we’re all planning to go back to school in the upcoming fall. How are you feeling about  the upcoming school year?