Being a Student During a Pandemic.

Karen Tran, journalist

November 9, 2020
With many unexpected things occurring in 2020, especially COVID-19, many people are affected. Today, I interviewed a student that attended Dimmitt Middle School. Chloe Nguyen is a 7th grader, and this is her experience through this year during a pandemic. During the end of March on 2019, was the first warning of a pandemic that would affect the world. Chloe talks about how she first heard the news and her thoughts on the pandemic in the beginning. “When COVID-19 happened, my dad told me we didn’t have school because of an outbreak. I did not think it would be a big pandemic and take over the world. I thought it was like a flu or a little event that wouldn’t be too serious,” Chloe said. “As a student it was very sudden being forced to go into lockdown. I felt upset and happy because I did not have to attend school and wake up, but people’s lives could be in danger. In my opinion I prefer staying at home rather than going to school so it made me happy to spend time at home,” she explained. 
During quarantine everyone had to stay indoors, so how does it feel to see the same family members every day? “It feels normal nothing really changes in my household. Except that my parents have to do extra cleaning when working.”  COVID-19 changed many people’s daily routines. Chloe explained what she did to pass her time and what changes were made. “Going to school and going out into public. I would stay home instead so I can’t go out and play volleyball or sports with my friends,” she added.
Chloe spends most of her time at home so she picked up at few new hobbies like sewing, “even though I don’t do it very often I just learned the basics from my mom, and we sew often because we make masks and hairbands,” she explained. But sometimes she gets bored doing her hobbies so how do you keep yourself entertained? “Sometimes I just do my hobbies and watch videos all day. Because of online work it mostly takes up majority of my day, so I do not feel bored as much as I do during the summer. I also play games with my family members.” Some students do not get a chance to use the internet or prefer to go outside and hang out with friends. Do you feel anxious or depressed during quarantine? “I do not feel depressed or anxious because I grew up with technology, so it isn’t hard. But maybe other students would feel depressed or anxious.  I know that many people have lost jobs because of COVID-19 and people can be stressed about it because of money and bills.”
School started and that means a new learning system was established.  Not just Chloe’s life was affected, many other students worldwide in varies age ranges are affected. In addition, Chloe states, “I feel the same. It’s just changing how you attend school.  The learning feels fine to me and I don’t think it changes how I learn as much as I compare to my other friends.”  After weeks of online learning how do you feel currently and is it very difficult? “For me, It’s not hard or easy, it’s alright. I can do the assignments easy, but it is hard to remember that it’s due and if technical difficulties happen [it’s a problem]” but she says, “I think many students might struggle with family members in the house [all the time], [lack of] supplies, and probably [missing] outside events, but we just keep moving on and adapt.”