Dangers Against Uiguhur Muslim Population in China

Polaris Taylor, Journalist

Within the region, Central and Eastern Asia is the Turkish ethnic group of the Uighur Muslim people, with a decent-sized population of 11 million. Now some people might ask why I should care about the Uighur People. Well inside the city of Xinjiang, the Chinese government has established detention centers within the city and currently expanding as we speak. Since 2017, over 85 identifiable camps currently running within Xinjiang, at least 1 million Uighur people have been put through the detention centers. The Chinese government has tried to deny these concentration camps exist. But many images and sources have come with sites of big concrete buildings, high razor-wire fences, and watchtower guards. These people have also been taken off the street beaten and interrogated.

Now you might be wondering why would the Chinese government even want to harm the Uighur people what could’ve possibly done to receive this kinda cruel treatment. Xinjiang formerly known as East Turkestan has been under the control of China since it was annexed in 1949. Xinjiang is a “special economic zone” due to its high value in minerals and oil within the land. It’s also one of China’s biggest producers of natural gas. Well, back in 2013-2014 a series of terrorist attacks were planned out by the Uighur militia, causing China to label them as an extremist group. In 2017, the Xinjiang government outlawed the growing of long beards and hijabs (a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women) along with the demolishing of various mosques within the city.

Lastly, what is the world’s response to a genocide situation that mimics the genocide of Jewish people during WW2? In July a letter sent from the United Nations human rights council responded to claims of “disturbing reports of large scale arbitrary detention camps of Uighur people”. Though four days later  37 countries defended chinas treatment of the Uighur Muslims by saying they were protecting people against “terrorist” and “extremist”, even Muslim countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Recently the US has condemned the Chinese government for its actions but has not tried to help these people out in any way. Now, what can you do to possibly help this situation, we’ll try to make those around you inform them of the war crimes being committed this very minute, join a protest or a campaign in support of the Uighur. Remember even the smallest effort can make a difference.