Upcoming 2021 Warner Bros Movie: Godzilla vs Kong

Melissa Quirarte, Journalist

The upcoming Warner Bros. movie, Godzilla vs Kong: The Rematch is what we have all been waiting for is FINALLY ALMOST HERE! Two of the Mightiest Monsters are clashing against each other once more.


The 1962 Film ended with the unfortunate defeat of Godzilla at the hands of King Kong, but with the confirmation of Mechagodzilla being involved in this epic rematch may end with these two monster kings teaming up instead of battling each other.


Godzilla Vs. Kong Concept Art by LegendarySaiyanGod20 on DeviantArt

The scenes from the trailer were simply awe inspiring to concept artists who have already drawn concept art from the spoilers, both including destroyed building and two well known monster kings.


Who do you think will win in this epic clash of Kings. Godzilla, king of Monsters or King Kong, king of Skull island. And with the possibility of the Titans and the Skull Island Creatures meeting, along with the Skullcrawlers of Skull Island gives us battles to imagine.




Other information:

Creators of King Kong: Edgar Wallace, Merian C. Cooper

Creator of Godzilla: Tomoyuki Tanaka

1962 Film Director: Ishiro Honda

2021 Film Director: Adam Wingard



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