Jazmine Sullivan

Destiny York, Journalist

Jazmine Sullivan is a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her debut album “Fearless” was a tremendous success. Containing songs, “Bust Your Windows,” “Lions, Tigers, & Bears,” “Need You Bad” and more.

In September, Jazmine released her first single in 2017 called “Lost One”. This song is a heartbreaking ballad but only containing guitar & her amazing vocals. She touches on the idea of self-realization after a past relationship.


This is present in her lyrics,

[“While the musical bed is unerringly calm, the lyrics are bracing, delivered from the perspective of someone sifting through the emotional wreckage of a broken relationship. “Sometimes it’s too late to make amends,”] [“There is one thing I need for you to know/Just don’t have too much fun without me.”], Sullivan sings.

On November 19​th, 2020, Jazmine released yet, another incredible single “Pick Up Your Feelings” which contains blissful melodies, ridiculous runs, & outstanding vocals, once again. It is safe to say that Jazmine constantly delivers not only heavenly vocals & soulful melodies. Whenever she writes, whether it’s co-written or not, it never ceases to captivate the listeners.

As stated by Rolling Stones, “Her voice is raspy, cutting, and pliable, capable of whiplash-inducing direction changes — listen to the way she moves from an earthy descending run (“no more benefits/pop-up visits”) into a sky-high chorus.”

Jazmine is also working on a new album called “Heaux Tales.” It is noted to be released on January 8​th, 2021. She explains, “I wrote Heaux Tales to give a voice to every woman, were deserving of respect whether we work as the CEO of a company, or if we strippin’.”




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