Post-Graduation Pathways

Leslie Divina, Staff Writer

Stuck on what to do after high school? Feeling like college will take you nowhere or got no plans for
college? Well, no worries! You can get into a career just by taking internships and
apprenticeships without any college degree!
Here are the differences between internship and apprenticeship:
● It takes about 3-6 months to complete
● Can be paid or unpaid
● Supports classroom instruction
● You observe – focusing on career exploration
● 60% of college graduates receive job offers
● No certification when completed
● Takes about 1-5 years to complete
● Paid with wage progression
● Classroom instruction and on-the-job training
● Do it – focusing on skill and career attainment
● 95% of applicants employed after apprenticeship
● Portable industry-recognized certificate
What internships do is provide you work experience in a short amount of time that leaves you
with job-entry skills that are needed in an industry or field of work. They are offered to you by
companies and organizations, most internships are aimed at students but anyone can enter.
Being an intern will let you experience first-hand working with industry professionals with a
possibility of being offered a job offer. Internships give you experience and helps you decide
what to do with your career and leads you to entering into a full-time job.
Apprenticeship provides you with on-the-job training and classroom learning experience. They
are offered by employers, employer associations, and labor union sponsor apprenticeship
programs and anyone can be an apprentice. You will be on an on-the-job-training while also
learning with a trade professional and it takes about a few years to complete and graduate.
While partaking in apprenticeship, you will be paid with progressional wage, meaning you will be
paid as a professional once you have mastered the course. There are many occupations and
different fields of works so take your time to find and research the best for you.
Internship is a learn before you earn while apprenticeship is an earn while you learn. Do you
what’s best for you. I hope you have more options now and best of luck!