Being a Senior During a Global Pandemic-Q&A Interview – Vivian Pham

Lillian Pham, staff writer

1. How does it feel to be a senior during a global pandemic?
VP – “Honestly, it sucks because we don’t receive any special treatment like last
year’s class, ℅ 2020. At least they got a little bit, they got somethings but ℅ 2021
has nothing and we don’t get the true senior experience which sucks but it’s
great that we get to do everything remotely and do everything at our own pace
and I guess that kind of relieves a bit of stress.”
2. Do you feel like you lived through the whole high school experience?
VP -”Uhm like I said, I don’t really think I’ve lived through the whole high school
experience and being that I wasn’t really involved in school rather than Multi for my freshmen,
sophomore and junior year anyways but I kind of thought my senior year would be the pinnacle
of my high school experience. But seeing we have this pandemic I don’t really think I had the
whole experience.
3. Do you think the pandemic benefited you in any way academically?
VP – “I mean like I’ve said it allows students to go at their own pace rather than
having strict deadlines and uhm I guess that just accommodates to everyone’s learning styles
so in a way it does benefit you, you’re not being, like pressured to finish things at a certain time
which gives people a chance to live their lives, especially with those who have a sick family
member or are currently struggling because of the pandemic, they have a little more time and
more leniency to get work in.”
4. Has the pandemic affected your ideas of the future/ goals for the future?
VP – “Honestly it has, because usually we would have a college fair for seniors or
we would have people come in and do presentations about their own career path. So I
kind of thought that I would have a better idea of what I want to do in the future, but
because of this pandemic and the limited resources, we kind of had to figure it out on our
own which is a bit hard but it doesn’t change it too much, like I still have an idea of what I
want to do after high school but it definitely had its effect.
5. What is the first thing you’ll do once it’s over?
VP – “I think I’m going to go… I don’t know really, probably hang out with friends
or go to the beach or something because I don’t really like to go to places like
Alki during the pandemic because not very many people are being considerate of
everyone else and they have their masks off. It’s just hard to be there and have a
good time when in the back of your head you’re worrying about catching the virus
or giving it to someone else. So I would probably go to the beach or like a park.”
LP – “ Ok thank you for taking the time to be my interviewee.”
VP – “ No Thank you!”