Seattle Pride

Ty'ina Hill, Editor-in-Chief

Seattle is a diverse city with many different people ranging from different backgrounds, races, and identities; these people make up the Seattle Community. One of those groups include the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) community. This community is made up of the LGBTQ advocates, also known as the Homosexual Rights Movement. Their goal is to eliminate laws that discriminate against people who identify as LGBTQ and promote equal human rights.

There are many people that are allies of this movement and show their support and appreciation in many different ways. Ways that you can support LGBTQ members in your community is by first knowing the issues, this provides clear background information towards those who have experienced gender/sexuality-bias. The second is support, by doing this you are taking action in towards an effective aiding system. Third educating yourself, this allows you to inform others and recognize LGBTQ bias/behavior. Finally, becoming an advocate, this allows individuals to spark a change in perspective and mindsets of others.

LGBTQ rights in Seattle have dated back to a century, yet through its ups and downs Washington State continues to fight for equal rights. There are many places in Seattle that show it’s acceptance of the LGBT Community. Capitol Hill is a common resourceful area with gay-friendly and gay-owned businesses, with rainbow sidewalks, and pride flags make up an accepting and supporting community. Seattle also holds Pride Festivals, such as the Seattle Pridefest, Volunteer Park Pride Festival, and the Pride Parade. There are also many Seattle organizations that support the LGBT community that work towards equalizing rights for all genders and sexualities. Some of them include the Seattle Gay Alliance, Stonewall Committee, Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee (SEAMEC), and The Pride Foundation who all specialize in improving education, voting and equal rights. We are fortunate enough to live in a City that works towards equality for all, starting with one community at a time.