Some Facts about Mrs. Khelgatian

Jie Chen, Staff Writer

Ms. KhelghatianToday I am honored to present to you an interview I had with Mrs. Khelgatian, our beloved Language Art and Drama teacher of Renton High School. After I walked into her room and sat down, the interview started right away. The first question I asked was why she wanted to become a teacher, but her answer shocked me. She had many reasons to not be one because her mother was a teacher and an administrator of the district office and growing up with everyone telling her that she should be one, so the last thing she wanted to do was to be a teacher. She got degrees in Journalism and English and then worked in Public Relation for two to three years, but she quit her job in the end, disliking it. She listened to her mother’s advice and tried out subbing instead. As the result, she totally fell in love with teaching, and this is what she wanted to do, she doesn’t have any shortterm or long-term goal in this career but just to teach.  She started her journey of teaching in California where she taught for about seven to eight years at the Middle School level and then moved to Washington to teach, and this is her seventh year here at Renton High.  The biggest challenge in her career is not being able to say no. Whether a student or her boss, she just can’t say no to whoever that asks for help. Mrs. Khelgatian believes her strength as a teacher is the ability to enjoy her job every day. To her, it is never boring to teach; there is always something different happening every day, and she enjoys the variety in her day-to-day activities. When she wants to motivate her co-workers and students, one thing she will do is to support them to the best of her ability. She will acknowledge their efforts put into their work and help them with their struggles. This kindness is also useful when she needs to resolve a problem or irritation with students or staff. Usually, she will sit down and talk about the problem with the person and try to find a middle ground that resolve both side’s of the problem. She stated that her biggest accomplishment as a teacher was to participate and be successful in the IB program.  When asked what event she remembered the most as a teacher, she answered, “My first day of [teaching] high school.â€Â This was because she only had middle schoolers not high school students, so she was so scared and afraid that the big kids will “beat her upâ€. However, “nothing happened, and it was a good dayâ€, she said. Lastly, I asked her to share a life motto, in which she replied,

Don’t be jealous of what the other people have, because you never know what they are really going through.”

— Mrs. Khelgatian

 It means that just because other people possess something that you don’t have in your life, it doesn’t mean that they did not suffer to have that in their life.