How School Affects Students Sleep!

Kim Anaya, staff writer

Sleep is an important part of life. It’s important to get enough sleep. Sleep helps keep your mind and body healthy, and it is recommended to sleep 7 to 8 hours each night in order for your body and mind to relax. It is proven that teens need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night which I have read in books.

School usually starts at 7 or later for high school students. I think that is too early because everyone has important things to do, especially work or family related things to tend to after school. Most staff members have to get up very early to beat traffic and get to work on time.

 School starting so early affects our sleep schedule which causes most students to be tired and sleepy at school due to having a lot of homework, work, and other things causing them to sleep at a later time and wake up very early. 

I usually hear a lot of close friends and teachers say they drink energy drinks just to stay awake and keep up with responsibilities of their day. I know there has been research that energy drinks can be bad for the body and become a health issue if you drink them too often. 

These are some of the issues and reasons having school start so early can be a problem for students’ and teachers’ sleep/ health. 

Also, I believe that starting school at a later time like 8 or 9 would help improve attendance in school and provide a  way for students and staff members to have more time to sleep and a better chance of getting to school safe and on time.

Overall, this is one of many opinions out there. Some people think it is a perfect time to start school and others prefer a shorter day of school, but, yet again, there’s many factors that come into play considering this issue. What do you think?