Staying Organized in High School

Natalia Miranda, Staff Writer

High school can be some of the most overwhelming years of a student’s early life. The pressure and strain can be pretty stressful at times during their four years. They have to organize and prioritize the most important tasks in their day and make time for all the things that must be done aside from that. This can be a hassle for a lot of students since many of them have outside of school activities like sports, jobs, and other events to tend to after a long day at school. Putting the most important things in their day first and staying organized sometimes can be a very difficult issue to overcome, but there are some ways to better improve on those initial skills for high school. 

A big help for high school students is knowing how to make their daily routine more simple, less stressful, and less hectic. One way is prioritizing your tasks for the day such as studying, doing homework, etc. and using their time wisely. For instance, according to High School Hints as stated,

“Think about how much time you should be spending on each task and in what order you should be doing them. Generally, the tasks that are stressing you out a lot, need a lot of time to finish or are due soon are the tasks that you need to do first.””

— High School Hints

This could be very helpful if students are worried about whether they should finish all of their assignments last minute. But, they could get through this by planning out what is more important to finish at the time and to finish later. This could prevent the problem of many things that need to be done from stacking on top of each other. 

Another helpful way to feel less overwhelmed is to separate the task into many days or hours of the day to keep it all in order and organized. This can help if they are lost about what they should do so they can stay coordinated and get better at keeping track of time. “When you’re feeling overwhelmed at school because of one big assignment, stop thinking about it as one big assignment! Instead, think about how to break it up into smaller sections and think about each section separately.” By doing this, the stress of having to complete a big assignment can be eased and can cause a major difference. These smaller sections can be more helpful in completing it so you can focus better. 

One other good way to stay organized in high school is to keep a planner for all of their events throughout the school year. This can improve their academic behavior and be organized to get through things easier. Writing in a planner can help with keeping dates, assignments, important school events and other occasions in order. CollegeVine has stated, “Keep in mind that most students find it helpful to have at least a weekly view on the page spread so that you can see an extended visual of your responsibilities.” A planner can be very useful for anything regarding keeping track of any important thing that must be done on a day or other days of the month. This can reduce the stress of not getting things done which is good for many students. 

There are many tips and planning tricks to help students make their years in high school easier and make it less stressful. However, depending on how they like to work and stay organized, they might find their own preferable way of doing so. 

Staying coordinated and keeping their priorities straight can very much so keep them from being overwhelmed and stressed in school.