The Multicultural Show: Behind the Scenes

Nathan Rommel, Staff Reporter

The Multicultural Show is a cultural performance show that is held annually within RHS. It is these performances that end the annual Multicultural Week. The show consists of dancing, singing, and instrument performances. Multiple preparations are required in order to prepare the different performances throughout the show.
The organizers of this event have events such as art projects and a feast to prepare as well as the show. “…there are a lot of different moving parts and pieces. We [are] just really excited to be a part of it,” said Mrs. Khelghatian, one of the organizers. There is an entire Multicultural Week to prepare for. Which, according to Mrs. Keopanya, include Learn a New Hello Day, a day dedicated to learning the words hello and I love you in another language, and Traditional Clothing Day.
While these other preparations are important, there are also steps that are involved in the creation of the main event… the Multicultural Show.
One step of these preparations includes the auditions. These auditions are used in two different ways. Some of the auditions acted as auditions, a way of determining the entrance of a person. The auditioners can also treat the additions as a practice session with an audience. After their auditions, the group goes to Ms. Paulson, one of the show’s organizers, for a grade check.

we’ve been preparing since, I think [October or November]”

— Performer

Despite the simplicity of the auditions themselves, the practice leading up to the performance is difficult. As one of the performers said, “…we’ve been preparing since I think [October or November]…”. This performer also stated the difficulties of practicing within groups. The performer said, “…it’s been pretty hard because everyone doesn’t have the same schedule…stuff comes up and people can’t make it”.
With these difficulties of these practices, the participants must have reasons why they attend the show. As one performer in a smaller group said, “I am class of 2020. So after leaving, we don’t believe that Ladies of Laos will continue. So, [I’m] actually sad about that, but we might make this performance a very special and very big performance”. The Ladies of Laos group will perform a traditional dance that comes from Laos, a country found between Thailand and Vietnam. “Laos is a very beautiful country and a lot of times, people think of it as land of war,” the performer said.

Laos is a very beautiful country and a lot of times, people think of it as land of war”

— Performer

Despite the high expectations set by the performers, performers are allowed to be more flexible when it comes to rehearsals. The performing group can choose which days they will appear to rehearse in. Not only that, the performers are allowed to make improvements within their performance, though they are often pointed out by the leaders of the group and improved upon. Within these practices, the organizers rarely interfere with the rehearsals in an effort to encourage leadership within their groups.
These practices help produce the final results that we see within the performance. When asked about their feelings about the upcoming show, one performer said, “Personally, I am very excited. I think we put in a lot of effort into this show. We’ve taught a lot of the underclassmen that their doing an exceptionally great [job]…”. Ms. Paulson also is excited for the outcome of these performances.
It can be seen that work has been done. There are still many preparations to be set. With the Tech/Dress rehearsals happening within the final weeks and the other events happening throughout the Multicultural Week, there will be a lot of busy people to produce one of the most anticipated shows of the year.
The Multicultural Show will take place February 7th at 6 pm and the 8th from 1 pm. Showing will also be here during advisory on February 3rd, 4th, and 6th.