Disney Plus vs Netflix

Adrian Reyes, Staff Writer

Disney Plus is a brand new streaming app that streams movies, shows, and series. Some people say that Disney + will probably beat Netflix in streaming because Disney has more of a variety of options of things to watch like ESPN, Hulu, and more movies that are not on Netflix. For example, in 1 article the text states ¨disney+ might be better than netflix¨ that quote is important because it shows someone’s opinion about Disney + and Netflix. Disney+ vs NetflixAnother example of why Disney might beat Netflix in Streaming because in a source¨ 7 Ways Disney Plus Beats Netflix | Tom’s Guide ¨it states ¨Netflix has three streaming-plan tiers. The basic plan is $2 more than Disney Plus, at $9, and limits you to standard-definition resolution and only one screen at a time. The standard, $13 Netflix plan bumps you up to HD resolution and two screens at once while the $16 premium plan goes to 4K and four screens at once.¨ Knowing this is important because it shows the prices and the prices are the most important thing when it comes to buying something, and Disney plus clearly has a better price than Netflix for the basic plan. Also on Disney Plus, you can download shows, and movies and watch them even if  you don’t have wifi, unlike Netflix you have to watch everything online.