Homelessness in Our Area

Noe Ortega, Staff Writer

 When people hear the word homeless, the first thing that comes to mind is a person sleeping on the streets. Well, that may not always be that case. Homelessness can vary from sleeping in shelters to people who sleep in their car. Did you know that homelessness is a huge issue today? More specifically in Renton and Seattle Washington, the population of homelessness keeps on growing. For example, in Renton Wa, the population around the area is increasing. Citizens of the area complain and talk about how to solve homelessness but not much has been done. However, if things have been done, there’s not a whole lot of improvement, if their effort has eliminate or reduce it. Another Area where homelessness keeps increasing dramatically is Seattle.

Seattle has about 12500 people livening on the streets and or in shelters.  Around 52 percent of people who were experiencing homelessness are unsheltered. This shows that homelessness isn’t really being solved. With this, we can infer that if there are homeless people living on the streets then it means we should make more shelters or come up with new solutions in order to solve the issue. First off, the number one thing that causes people to be homeless is…health according to Washington.edu. This reveals that doctors and family turn their back on those who might be mentally or physically injured which is another thing that causes homelessness.  Not to mention, there is a lack of affordable housing, unemployment, and poverty.

Research shows the following are things are an outcome and result of homelessness:  cold injury, Cardio-Respiratory diseases, Tuberculosis, Skin diseases, nutritional deficiencies, sleep deprivation, mental illness, and physical and sexual assault. Ways to solve homelessness are Prevention – Stopping people from becoming homeless in the first place. Emergency Response – Providing emergency supports like shelter, food and day programs while someone is homeless.

Homelessness is an economic problem. People without housing are high consumers of public resources and generate expense, rather than income for the community which is one of the reasons many people are complaining something needs to be done.