African Student Union

Hewan Berha, Staff Writer

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                                    African Student Union

The African Student Union club begun in 2018. It was started to help new students who came to this school, to be sociable, engage and help them with their homework. Last year, we perform dancing and fashion show in Multicultural day.

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  The people who participate in the club are Mariam(Maleyko) the president, Muna Abdi the vice-president, Hewan Berha the secretary, and Edna Mohamed is the Treasure of the club. We have more people participate in this club also Ms. Licano is the coach of the club.

The African Student Union club agenda is to answer the people who has questions about Africa culture, tradition and food etc. We meet every Thursday 2:05-3:00 pm in room 367. 

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    The purpose of the club is to share the culture and beauty of Africa. To better understand the diversity of African countries and help students with their homework.                      

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