Cheer Competition Season 2019-2020

Rahjia Evans-Crockett, Staff Writer

As students and staff from Renton High School may know, our cheer team won cheer state last year placing in 1st in the stomp category and 3rd in the Game-day category. This year the Renton High School cheer team will be returning to cheer state to reclaim their title as first place champs in stomp and to hopefully place higher in Game-day. 

At competitions, they compete against a number of schools in 3 different categories: Game-day, which is preppy and something they’d usually preform at halftime show for football season, Traditional, which is much more like a number of dances and impressive stunts put together, and Stomp, which is just a routine made up by the team that includes rhythmic stomping and clapping with a dance and stunt. 

These competitions usually last all day for the cheer teams competing, up to 12 hours! 

Although students at Renton High may believe that Cheerleading isn’t a certified sport, as the cheerleaders prepare for state, they are practicing three days a week from 3-6, which is longer than other sports practices.  

One of which they spend at a tumbling class learning how to improve their tumbling in order to raise higher points for the competition. 

In the midst of that, they are also preparing for Basketball season in which they have to cheer at two games a week! 

Their first competition will be on December 7th at Auburn Mountainview Highschool. 

The cheer team is ready to face the challenge of a new year in competing, so hopefully they overcome some of the smaller challenges they face as a team. 

“The hardest part of competition season will be being able to stay in formations and looking unified as a group” says the cheer team. 

The Renton High cheerleaders are ready to put in the work required to compete in cheer state and win again another year.