The Outer Worlds Review

The Outer Worlds Review

Adrian Cruz, Staff Writer

The Outer Worlds, an RPG game released on October 25, 2019, was developed by Obsidian Studios and published by Private division. A game set in the distant future, The Outer Worlds provides an interesting world, where corporations are governments, in which the player is resurrected after being frozen in a ship for 70 years, being put straight into the world, learning the basic mechanics of the game. Now, you may be asking yourself right now “What is so important about this game?”. To which that I answer, it is a complete and microtransaction free game. Right now, the gaming market is filled with games coming out half-finished and full of microtransactions, from overpriced cosmetics to items that make you nearly unstoppable. While it may not be innovative as other titles, The Outer Worlds is a nice reminder on how a game should be, almost glitch-free and no microtransactions. The game is also exclusively single-player, not having any multiplayer components.

Many people consider this key element of the game to be a wake-up call for the awfully similar fallout franchise. After the release of the game, Fallout 76, many people slammed the Studio behind the game, Bethesda softworks, on how the game was released. Full of glitches and overpriced cosmetics, the game is considered one of the worst games at launch. While on the other hand, The Outer Worlds is hailed as a good game, having suffered almost no problems at launch and having a very interactive world in which the player can decide the playstyle that they want.. The outer worlds has several ways that you can play the game at your own pace, from its perk and skills page to the various dialogue options that the player can choose from. The perks and skills bring in customizability to the player, you can increase, and decrease, several aspects of the player. 

You can either play as a talkative and charismatic person who always has their way, a gunslinger who always goes in guns blazing, or a brawler who always has a melee weapon in their hand. The dialogue options can drastically impact the gameplay, like previously mentioned, if you have high enough dialogue skills, you can either lie, intimidate, or persuade. If you don’t, you have to either resort to violence or find an alternative method. This amount of replayability can attract players to play over and over again, each with different outcomes. The Outer Worlds has also been nominated for the Best Game Of The Year. I can and will recommend The Outer Worlds for its excellent story, amazing world, and unique gameplay. You can pick it up on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 for $60 and, in early 2020, the Nintendo Switch.

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