To Create and Continue in the Pandemic

Alexandra Buenbrazo, Staff Writer

Luisa Lima is a 16 year old artist that moved to America from Brazil and shares her
drawings on Instagram. She has had a love of drawing for a long time, and some might wonder
the reason that she creates art. Luisa doesn’t pinpoint one, she says, “I’m not sure if I have a
reason, I just always draw, since I was a kid.” She has been practicing, because she finds it to
be a fun activity. And when she noticed that people liked her art, Luisa thought, “maybe I should
continue doing this.”
The coronavirus pandemic has swept and turned around the lives of so many people
across the country. Luisa is not only an artist, but she is also a student. At the start of online
learning, Luisa had thought that online classes were better than in person. Before the pandemic
Luisa was a freshman in high school and describes how she feels “anxious because [she didn’t
know] how to talk English or anyone [in school].” As the online trimesters had progressed, she
started to feel unmotivated to complete her work. Many students might relate to being dragged
down by the dreading times of a pandemic.
Often schools encourage students to think of their life goals or where they want to go
with their career. Luisa doesn’t have a specific set of goals for her art, but she says “I want to be
totally satisfied with what I’m looking at… I don’t really want to make art an obligation- I want to
be something natural.” Sometimes some artists feel pressured to constantly create art to a point
of burnout, but Luisa sets a new perspective. Even through a bleak and low time of a pandemic,
there are artists and students that are creating. Artist’s in the pandemic like Luisa reminds the
world that even in troubling times there’s still beauty within it all.
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