RHS Kpop Club


Ty'ina Hill, Journalist

Renton High School’s Kpop Club is a well-known group when it comes to performances during school events. When it comes to sharing their energy, they make sure the audience of their student body feels the heat! The club started back in 2016 and was run by a group of former students that wanted to share their passion for Korean pop music. 

Kpop is a genre of music that originated in South Korea and as of late has become popular globally. From its diverse aesthetic, addicting melodies, and skillful choreography, Kpop has been recognized worldwide and valued by many. The club is very supportive of those who are interested in joining, allowing those who enjoy Korean culture to express their interests, “…Regardless of the person’s economic status, race, sexual orientation, if they want to join Kpop we gladly accept them with open arms because I always remind the members in Kpop that everyone is family…” says Kimberly Quiroz, Kpop’s current club president. 

Kpop has performed for many school events such as the Homecoming Game, Multicultural, and Pep assemblies; striving to perform outside the walls of the school and share their passion for dance and performance with others. “What I like about the club is that we can connect and grow with one another through dance and team building. Plus, meeting new people and creating new friendships that can possibly become long-term ones,” says Daijah Harrison, a member of Kpop. We as a club motivate and support each other and while performing is a part of it, we create bonds that last a lifetime. 

Club Advisor: Ms. Rich 

Room: 127 at 2:15pm 

Social Media: Insta: rhs.kpop1920, Band: RHS Kpop Club 2019-2020. 

President: Kimberelly Quiroz 

Vice President: Cordelia Rich-Davis