The Fall of Bethesda

Ferris Currie Palmer, Staff Writer

Fallout: 76     Bethesda Softworks, one of the pioneers of western RPGs and one of the most successful video game companies. They created games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 3. They were loved by their fans for immersive worlds and stories, but now they have made a series of choices with their most recent game, Fallout 76, that have tarnished their reputation and angered and disappointed even their most loyal fans.      Before the game was even released, the fans were worried about the game. Bethesda had said that the game was going to have lots of bugs and other potential issues. They were right. When Fallout 76 was released, it had lots of bugs and glitches. The bugs varied from textures disappearing to the game deleting entire files, but that wasn’t all wrong with Fallout 76’s launch. The game was supposed to be multiplayer, but players were saying that they felt lonely in the world because there were no NPCs and it was rare to find another player. However; through all these hardships, people are still playing the game.     The problems with the game are not just the bugs; it’s also Bethesda. Bethesda had a $200 Power Armour Edition where the people who ordered it were promised a canvas bag, but instead, they got a cheap nylon duffle bag. This leads to a number of complaints on social media. On November 28th, 2018, over a month since the game comes out, Bethesda apologized to the Power Armour Edition owners and promised that they would all be given 500 of the in-game currency which isn’t even enough to buy an in-game bag. In the end, the owners are eventually compensated with replacement bags.      Later down the timeline, Bethesda announces Fallout 1st, a $100 a year subscription service that gives players things Bethesda said were going to be free features. Fallout 1st also created a class divide between players that had regular players start to grief Fallout 1st subscribers. That’s not it though. Recently, a player got banned from the game because they pointed out exploits in the game.      Unfortunately, the game seems to be getting worse. Although Bethesda is trying to fix the game, more bugs and glitches are still being found. Players are still exploiting the game and griefing the people subscribed to Fallout 1st.