Why RHS Should Have Esports


Angus Nordlund, Editor/Staff Writer

Teens love video games. It’s just a fact. Whether it be for fun or as a hobby, it’s become a large part of many lives. However, some want to take it to the next level. 

Esports is a term used to describe competitive video gaming. It is something that has become popular around the world, but has not been used in schools like more traditional sports. That has been changing recently. Many high schools around the country have adopted esports as an after school activity.

So that begs the question, why should RHS have some esport program? Well, it would encourage a lot of students to participate in something that the school offers. While sports are popular at RHS, there are still a few students who don’t have any interest in doing them. It would provide them with an alternative. 

Not only would it be a cool activity, but it would also give the students a chance to learn. Qualities like leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship could also be taught and developed, just like in regular sports. Since esports is a popular business, students could learn more about that. The biggest benefit of all? A social activity where students can connect over a common interest. 

Just like with everything there comes a cost, but not a large one. Depending on the games played by students, the school might not even have to invest that much. Students could even provide video game equipment like consoles and controllers. The only scenario in which the school would need to pay a lot would be if the students played games that required pcs. 

Since the computers at RHS are meant for learning rather than playing video games, high functioning pcs that are meant to have games played on them would need to be provided. With that comes the need for space to hold those computers and a place where the members can get together and participate in activities.  

If all this information is still not convincing, then just look at how it has done at other high schools. Washington-Liberty High School, Virginia, saw 70+ students join it’s esports club. A third of those students did not participate in any clubs or sports before. The club has come as far as winning tournaments and even having kids receive thousands of dollars in scholarships.

It’s happening all over the U.S. High schools in states like Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, and many more have introduced esports as an after school activity. It’s so widespread to the point where it should be taken seriously. There are even schools in Washington that have esports. If it’s becoming commonplace, what’s holding RHS back?

The school, no, the district needs to at the very least consider giving students the chance to participate in esports. Not only is it providing a positive and fun environment for students, it’s providing opportunities. That is what schools like RHS are supposed to be all about!