Gun Ownership in America

Nicole A., Staff Writer



America is a unique country when it comes to mass shootings; it’s to the point that America is an outlier to other countries. There is nowhere in the world that gun ownership is more controversial than in the United States. Each year, tens of thousands of people are injured and killed because of the unstableness of America’s gun control. The leading cause of gun violence in the United States is unsecure and weak laws.

America has issues creating laws about the privilege of using a firearm in public. According to Issue overview: Guns in America, ¨Many now allow guns in more places, including schools, restaurants, churches, and public buildings. Hidden firearms are now allowed in all 50 states, and have expanded the rights of people to use guns in self-defense. The U.S. has a higher per-person rate of murders committed with firearms than any other industrialized nation. ¨ The U.S. is allowing more access to guns in public places for self-defense. The issue is many would use it as self-defense, but it doesn’t guarantee the purchaser will handle it accordingly. We don’t know if people will take responsibility and used it for the right reason; any American can easily use it at any time, any state. The possibility is endless, having a hidden weapon twenty-four-seven and can be publicly carried anywhere, including a daycare center. This unsecure law can drastically make America unsafe.

America’s laws about background checks for firearms aren’t secure. The article Gun in Marysville explains ¨ Fryberg was the subject of a permanent protection order that prohibits him from possessing firearms. The complaint alleges he lied on the instant background-check form when he bought the handgun. The restraining order wouldn’t have shown up if the FBI didn’t conduct an instant background check when Fryberg purchased the weapon because it didn’t enter into the state or national database on which that background checks rely.¨ Anybody could lie during the purchase, and Fryberg shows how easily someone can get away with a firearm with no restrictions when the database doesn’t have the records.

America needs to secure laws and encourage stricter policies. If lawmakers are forced to wait for a time when there isn’t a mass shooting to talk about gun control, they could find themselves waiting for a very long time. Congress must fix the laws with very tight background checks and stability on gun ownership; it’s for humanity. Lots of civilians and people are dead because of this issue.