The Crime in Renton

Brandon Milanes, Staff Writer

Lately, many issues have been arising around Renton with shootings, drug overdoses, and assaults topping the list. Many of these have been happening more recently than they have in the past with events that were of a higher magnitude at the time. According to many news outlets serving in the Renton area like Seattle Times, many of the crimes committed have been presenting a similar pattern: Renton cannot find a way out of its problems. Crime has increased and always has been present in Renton. Most of the other counties may have had it worse but Renton is one of them.

From robberies to murders, the city south of Seattle, has been struggling to solve its crime epidemic. Too many addicts and homeless people cooperating in making peoples’ lives more difficult. According to, 4/100 is the city’s rate on the crime index. While being safer than 4% of other cities nationwide, 53.82% of the population in the city of Renton commit crimes. Noticing this, statistics may seem little compared on a national scale in the entire country of the U.S.

Exemplifying what happens around in the city is essential in knowing what can happen. According to Q13Fox, there was shooting in a bar at Cheers Bar and Grill in downtown Renton, 200 blk Williams. In the video, investigators are seen interviewing people familiar to the scene, especially one individual who is a local who is shocked to learn of the incident.

Overall, it is worth noting viewing other peoples’ perspectives on the issues going around daily. What I have talked about is recent events of the pass.

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