Sink or Swim: What to Know Before You Go

Sink or Swim: What to Know Before You Go

Kate Godunov, Staff Writer

A proper warning before joining… Although the idea of joining swim is intriguing, it’s a very foreign sport to many beginners, and it’s tough to keep up with over the season. Here are three necessary things to know before joining the RHS team.

First off, people have heard about the crazy diets athletes have and it’s a truth even for high school swimmers. Swimming actively for an hour burns over 1000 calories. Many swimmers learn the hard way that swimming develops a heck of an appetite. Making meals in advance will keep your appetite in check without having to panic at lunch to find a satisfying and healthy meal.

Secondly, many coaches have different styles of coaching. Some coaches prefer to actively support and coach their athletes, while others may not like that style of coaching. The coach at RHS prefers the latter option. Most of the fundamentals you learn would come from your teammates and some athletes may prefer this way of learning the sport.

Finally, swim itself is a very time-consuming sport. It’s a challenge to manage time wisely as to not fall behind in schoolwork or to give up your social life, but there’s an easy solution. The one hour period before swim starts is perfect for getting things done. Prioritizing your personal tasks helps in the long run with the sport.

These are three very important things to consider before choosing whether swim is the right choice for you. By keeping these three tips in mind, you’re sure to have a smooth season on the RHS swim team.