Staff interview

Jaden Sitko, Staff Writer

I recently had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Tunis, a Spanish teacher at Renton High School. This school is in the Renton School District in Renton Washington. Mrs. Tunis has been working as a teacher for 20 years. She currently is employed at Renton High School. She does however have former experience working at other schools as well. She has experience working with elementary and middle school students, she has not always taught high school students. Before she taught at Renton High School, she has taught at four other schools. She has always had a passion for teaching, she loves what she does. She would not want to do anything else as a profession. She has known that she wanted to teach since she was in the 2nd grade.  Getting along with other staff members is something very important to Mrs. Tunis. When she encounters a problem with another staff member she always tries her best to ask more questionsMs. Tunisrather than bring complaints in order to solve the issue. Mrs. Tunis motivates her team members / other staff members by staying very positive. Building good relationships with students is something Mrs. Tunis is very good at. She said, “Building relationships with other students is one of my biggest strengths.†Additionally, she had said “My biggest accomplishment as a teacher is having good relationships with students.†She always tries her best to not get into any confrontations with students, and she has a lot of respect for all of them. In fact, her favorite part of working at Renton High School is working with the students that go there. She also feels sad when “good kids don’t have the resources they need to succeed.†She cares a lot about her students and their success.  There are a few reasons Mrs. Tunis had mainly chose to teach a Spanish class. She says Spanish class or any language class is like “magic†because ¨students come in not knowing the language at all or very little but they come out of it knowing a lot of the language.¨ Students are gaining a lot in Spanish classes and a language class is very important for their future as well. Finally, I had asked Mrs. Tunis about what her short term and long-term goals as a teacher were. She had said that her short-term goal was to ¨keep doing what I’m doing¨. Her long-term goal was to live in a Spanish speaking country for at least a year.