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HOCO Week: Renton High School Meets Enchanted Garden 

October 28, 2019


2019’s Homecoming Spirit Week began as one does; with slouchy clothes and Olaf onesies– an ode to a pajama day tradition that we all know and love— leaving us thrilled to see the weeks end.

Monday’s comfort was followed by that one day where we all find ourselves seeing double (Twin Day of course!). Some students decided to use Twin Day to spread awareness about different things they are involved with, for example, two Seniors decided to twin in their matching “Rock N Roll,” marathon volunteer shirts, and a group of students who were involved with the “Ecology Project,” in Belize this summer showed up matching in their tees.

Other festivities took a new approach, aligning with the “Enchanted Garden” theme, including the extra traditional Color Wars Friday, where Seniors were supposed to wear green to symbolize they’re role as “Slimy Seniors,” and so on. This was changed a few days in after some students felt the Color War should stay as it always has been, with Seniors’ in Red, Juniors’ in Black, Sophomores’ in White, and Freshman in Grey. Capture the flag commenced as per usual, but with a magical twist, as hints became references to the enchanted garden, like one announced hint, describing said teacher with the flag as having a “tree name.” This was about Language Arts Teacher, Mr. Dylan Okimoto, get it? “Oki”— aka O(A)K-T(R)I.

There was also a Photo booth in the commons during lunch, with backdrops and spirit day props, to encourage further school spirit and retention.

We spoke with ASB Financial Secretary, Ruth Cortez, who gave us a snippet of her favorite parts of this year’s HOCO Spirit Week.

“…everyone [students] participated in spirit week; it was really surprising. I like that we got the student body involved with capture the crown, and other activities,” exclaimed Cortez.  

To support this, it was noticeable that unlike some years in the past, Renton students participated significantly more in dress-up days, photos for school based social medias, and showing overall spirit.

RHS’ dressed to impress Friday, with crowds filled by students wearing Red, White, Black, and Grey. The MCs Kirby Nguyen, Alicia Ing, and AJ Somersaul, kicked off the Assembly by introducing ASB Members and Officers who have been adjusting to a new advisor that has been overseeing and guiding the council this fall, Ms. Heather Moore.

Following the name calls, Meseret Hailemariam sang the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Cheer Team carried it away with several choreographed routines; before the moment we all had been waiting for, HOCO Court Crowning!

Earlier that week we’d already been told the names of our Princesses and Princes for grades 9-11, so all the anticipation was building for the Senior King and Queen. Class of 2023’s Prince and Princess, Elijah Sauls and Emmy Do, Class of 2022 were Joshua Roxas and Malina Taing, Class of 2021, Curtis Shaw and Rahjia Evans Crockett, were all first called up to publicly receive their crowns. The Seniors (Class of 2020) had quite a few choices for the supreme royal pair, with Mehr Mehta and Seyum Belete, Adonis Clemente and Faith Richardson, Katelynn Apolonio and Ronzell Danao, Alicia Ing and Jamal Jamerson, Jacquelin Abrego and Jeric Liam.

A couple days before the assembly, our team reached out to a few members of the court to get some insight as to how they found out and reacted to the honor.

One of these interviewees was Junior Princess, Rahjia Evans Crockett, who shared the turn of events leading to her receiving the news.

“I was listening to music in 5th period on Friday and I didn’t really hear any of the announcements, but all of the group chats I’m in on my phone started blowing up saying congrats and stuff so I clicked on it and was like ‘oh i won, cool,’ and then after school people kept coming up to me saying ‘congrats’ and stuff…”

 She told us out of the assembly, game and half-time show she was most excited to walk with her family.

 “I am most excited for the football game, because I’m having my family escort me down during half time and they’re really excited too,” shared Evans-Crockett.

The Junior Prince, Curtis Shaw, also commented on how he felt when learning he won.

“… I was surprised and I was nervous…” explained Shaw.  

Jumping back to the assembly, just before the final crowning, drum rolls ensued, and the crowned two were drowned in applause— Faith Richardson and Adonis Clemente won King and Queen!

The Court stayed on stage after the King and Queen were announced; to watch Black Student Unions’ Performance, accompanied by the last activity, a newly introduced game called Freeze Dance— and that, followed by the Alma Mater, concluded the assembly.



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