~Teacher Interview~

Mr. Diaz thinking he cute

Mr. Diaz thinking he cute

Andrea Arias, Writer, Web Designer

     I had the pleasure of interviewing, the one and only, Emanuel Diaz-Ordaz Estrada Jr, one of the Language Arts teacher here at Renton High school. He despises the concept of “Love†and he likes purple because it contrasts with his favorite color orange. A playfully conceited person, he describes himself as awsome (when he wants to be) and a great listener (when he wants to be).

     Currently 29 years old, he has been a teacher for 7 years, teaching at several middle schools in California and Washington State. Before becoming a teacher went LSU in California and-surprisingly, ran marathons. 8 to 10 marathons throughout his time in high school and college years. When asked whether he has any other ambitions, he affirmatively said that has reached his peak. Where he is now is what he’ll be doing until he dies. But fate is an unpredictable thing, so maybe, who knows if, one day someone rich might swoop him away and he’ll live his life happily ever after! He mentioned a rich person I just added the happily ever after.

     He might have reached his peak but he once applied for the National Board. The National Board is an advanced teaching credential that goes beyond state licensure. It certifies teachers who successfully complete its rigorous certification process. He then later learned he wasn’t cut out for it. But who’s to say he didn’t try? That was years ago, but he isn’t discouraged and instead continues to enjoy teaching here and see how the years improve.  

     This year for him has been good overall. The 10 graders –according to him, are better behaved compared to last year. His greatest accomplishment is nothing any other teacher can say they have carried out. He secured 6th place in the entire world in a pokemon Go championship! Who do you know that has done that? Who do you know that they can honestly say they won such a grand accomplishment? Exactly, you don’t know anyone besides Mr. Diaz. I must say, I envy his passion.

     And if you really want to know, his favorite Pokémon is shiny Caterpie and his favorite region is Sinnoh. Personally, I prefer the Johto region and Ninetales but no one asked for my preference but here it is anyway. 


Mr. Diaz Ordaz
Mr. Diaz thinking he cute

Compared to other teachers, Mr. Diaz stands in the crowd with his noteworthy and distinguishable personality. Having a sweater game, being a breathing encyclopedia about Pokémon, and refusing to take any normal staff photo without having a silly face. I must say, he’s quite an interesting teacher and short person. He is easy to love but hard for him to love you back. I’m sure others can agree. (Mr. Diaz if your reading this pls no-take offense! You a genuinely nice short person) :D