Activities overview: Juneteenth 2019 at Campbell Hill Elementary School

A brief look into the activities and events that helped bring together a community.


Rahjia Evans-Crockett, Staff Writer

On Saturday, June 15th, a yearly celebration called “Juneteenth” was hosted at Campbell Hill Elementary School. This event was held from 2:00pm to 6:00pm and consisted of different booths containing games, activities, food and information about important organizations.

Juneteenth is a celebration that enlightens how resilient people of color were when they were rebelling against the slave system, which eventually helped lead to the slave system collapsing because of how strong and determined people of color were during that time.

Staff crew prepared for this celebration by asking different for different act performances from the community. Some of the events included:

  • Damira and Dajane Tullis: sisters who attended RHS and who sang two songs at the event
  • Salib: a speaker who discussed different situations and upcomings evolving around people of color
  • Black Student Union (BSU) from Renton High
  • Ballet Dior: a dance group
  • The Buffalo Soldiers: who came and spoke about who they are and what they do

Countless amounts of money and time went into planning and preparing this event, just so kids of color could learn a little bit more about how important they are and different stories regarding kids and people just like them.

Juneteenth is an event opened to all races of people and is not only about the history behind it, but also about the fun it brings to the community.

Different activities like bouncy houses, arts and crafts, face painting and much more was part of making this event fun for the community.

Many different organizations came to teach kids and adults about what they do and to interest them into checking out their organizations.

The Woodland Park Zoo organization had a booth that talked about the different animals they take care of, information about events coming up at their organization, and much more.

“We want to be apart of all community events and get involved while getting people to come to the Zoo and also by bringing the Zoo to them” said Sophia, one of the crew members from the Woodland Park Zoo.

Many other organizations such as the King County Library organization also had a booth with the same idea in mind. They also wanted to bring the library to kids and talk about the importance of reading.

Although Juneteenth has an overall focus of celebrating the freedom of people of color, it is a very educational celebration where people come together, have fun together and also learn about many other things other than the history of people of color.