The freshmen celebration 2019


Lana Vuong, Staff Writer

During the week of June 7th, 2019, Renton High School had TA’s all over the school passing out these purples slips for freshmen. This purple slip was a ticket to get to a celebration party. This celebration party would take place, during 5th period.

Freshmen were dismissed and made their way to the cafeteria, the first thing seen was a line. This line was from culinary; they were handing out water and ice cream. There were also lots of board games including jenga, battleship, chess, and connect 4.

They had 2 rounds of musical chairs, and let’s say it was INTENSE. People were shoving each other out of chairs, fighting for a chair, and it got very serious.

Everything else was just freshmen hanging out and socializing.

Overall, it was a cool thing to do, to recognize the freshmen for doing well in school for their first year at RHS. It was really chill, and it had some really funny moments.

Shoutout to the Renton Peer Mentors for hosting it, the RHS Culinary Arts program for providing ice cream and snacks, and to ASB/Leadership for providing the games!