RHS New Spirit Week Theme

Ana Cortez-Villeda, Staff Writer

This year’s last Renton High School spirit week has finally come and for the first time it is a brand new theme.

The theme was set in support of the LGBTQ community because not only is it Pride Month, but the school wants to show that everyone should be able to love whoever they want to love.

Spirit week Themes:

  • Mon, June 10th – Flannel day
  • Tue, June 11th – Pride day
  • Wed, June 12th – Purple day
  • Thur, June 13th – Senior send off (red)

Following the spirit week, on Friday June 14th will be the last Renton High School assembly for the school year, the “moving up assembly”.

In the assembly, we will be honoring the students who exceeded during the school year by having students (picked by teachers for outstanding efforts) go onto the gym floor and receive their award. Also in this assembly will be the candle light ceremony, where club presidents pass down the presidency to the elected member of the club. And finally will be the senior slide show where seniors will sit on the gym floor as music plays and a slide show of every senior’s picture comes onto screen.