Avengers: Endgame and the ‘finale’ of Marvel 


Khalila Firestone, Staff Writer

Movie and plot summary with spoilers given in second half of article below warnings 

Avengers: Endgame opened this weekend, and it was huge. The widely-anticipated movie had thousands flocking to theaters, and reserving seats for opening weekend was near impossible (unless tickets were bought days in advance).  

Currently, like its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame is absolutely destroying box office records around the world. The movie has reached 350 million in sales domestically, 50 million dollars over the highest estimated domestic sales. The worldwide opening for Infinity War of 640.5 million was dwarfed by Endgame, which came through with 1.2 billion dollars in just five days. That was six days faster than Infinity war, and they held the record for the previous largest worldwide opening. 

The movie itself was a hefty 3 hours, and fans were panicking over how exactly they would get through the movie without missing anything, as the Directors, Joe and Anthony Russo, had claimed that there would be no time for a bathroom break. The general consensus was no snacks or drinks during the movie, although few people followed through. 

Fans and newcomers alike all swarmed to the theaters to watch the final piece of the puzzle fall into place. People who had seen Infinity War had been developing theories as to how the next movie would go for months, and had been waiting in nervous anticipation even since Marvel first announced the concept of the two finale movies. Fans were comparing the MCU to the Marvel comics, panicking over who they thought would die, who they thought would make a comeback, and who they thought would take the helm of the movie and ones to come.  

Cinematically, the movie was beautiful, filmed in IMAX with near-perfect CGI (after all, they couldn’t actually) film in space. The color schemes were incredible, perfectly reflecting the moods of the scenes they filmed. It was evident that the writing and brainstorming process took years, as the dialogue was perfect, and an amazing mixture of sarcastic humor and exceptionally emotionally-charged scenes was displayed.  

Endgame was made to be the final installment of the Marvel’s Avengers stories, and it came through. Story lines were revisited, and all of the Avengers’ lose ends were tied up beautifully, and in a way that didn’t feel rush. There were almost no unintentional plot holes. 

Very few were disappointed with the movie itself, even scoring a 95 percent on rotten tomatoes. If you loved the previous Marvel movies, like superheroes, or even just want to see an interesting action movie, Endgame is a must-see. Although it might make you cry.  

It truly is an End-of-an-Era movie. There’s more to be said, but only if have seen the whole movie or you don’t mind complete plot spoilers. 














The movie opens shockingly and suddenly, and we see Clint Barton (Hawk Eye, Jeremy Renner), on his farm with his family, teaching his daughter archery. All of a sudden, he turns around, and they’re all gone, disappeared into ashes. Evidently, this event occurred during Thanos’s original snap in Infinity War, and answered the question as to where Hawkeye was the whole time. Cut to Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, Tony Stark, dying in the middle of space with Nebula (Karen Gillan), one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. As he’s taking his last breaths, a heavenly light shines from outside the ship, and newbie Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel appears to save the two stranded heroes. 

So now Marvel’s revealed how Tony got back to the Avenger’s compound from space, where, upon landing, he dramatically collapses into Captain America’s (Chris Evans) arms. 

After reuniting, a group of the heroes- most importantly Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain Marvel, and Nebula, race to track Thanos down after the snap and destroy the stones. They find him, only to discover that he destroyed the stones, at which point Thor decapitates him in rage. Shocked and in dismay, they travel home defeated. All of this occurs within the first quarter of the film, leaving viewers where exactly the movie is going. 

Time jump 5 years, and we see Tony Stark with his young daughter, Morgan (leaving fans squeeling “aww” in the middle of the theater. At the same time, in a very random twist of fate, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) is zapped out of the quantum realm, and realizes that its been five years since he was in the real world, when it only felt like five hours. He then rushes to Captain America and the rest of the Avengers at the compound, and explains his theory about how they could all travel back in time to reclaim the Infinity Stones before they were destroyed. 

The original six Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), and Hawkeye, along with Ant-Man, Nebula, and Rocket (Bradley Cooper) get together to perform the ultimate “time heist,” dividing into groups to capture the Stones back, along the way, a few things go wrong, namely, the old Thanos and Nebula capture the new Nebula, stealing her intel on the plan. 

Along the way, as longtime-partners Hawkeye and Black widow search for the Soulstone, they realize one of them must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the universe. Someone has to die. If you know Natasha Romanoff, you know she was not about to leave Clint’s family without their father. A mock fight ensues, both trying to incapacitate the other, and eventually Clint jumps off the cliff. Nat manages to jump right after him and, knowing they can’t both die, but also attempting to save his best friend, he grabs the cliff with one arm and Natasha with the other. She manages to get herself to slip from his arms, and plunges to her death. Clint, in tears (along with fans), captures the Soulstone and returns back to the future alone. 

Nat’s death raised concern among fans, who know that a Black Widow movie is currently in the works, and want know how that movie’s plot will proceed. 

We also see Loki disappear with one of the Tesseracts during one of the Time Heist scenes that takes place in a flashback to the first Avengers movie. With news of Disney releasing their new streaming site, Disney Plus, which includes new full-length Marvel hero shows, this opens doors for the already revealed Loki series coming to the site. 

After the Avengers get back to the compound with all the Stones, they name Hulk to snap everyone back into existence. Before being able to reunite with their loved ones, Thanos arrives on Earth, this time to destroy the Universe for good. He blows up the compound, and just as it looks like the Avengers will lose, portals start to open from the sky. All of the snapped heroes arrive to join their living partners in the biggest battle Marvel has Ever scene. The new Gauntlet changes hands multiple times, and eventually ends up back with Thanos. In one last effort, Tony Stark rushes him, snatching the Stones from the gauntlet and smashing them into his own armor. With the words “I Am Iron-Man,” Tony snaps, destroying Thanos’s army forever.  

As soon as the army turns to ash, Tony collapses to the ground from the power of the stones, and possibly the most heartbreaking superhero death scene in history ensues, Peter Parker and Pepper Potts sobbing into his arms as Iron-Man takes his dying breaths, and his ark reactor dies to black. By this point, much of the theater is also sobbing. 

After the final battle, we see all of the Avengers, heroes, and their families at Tony Stark’s funeral as a last goodbye.  Thor ends up leaving Earth with Starlord Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), and the Guardians, possibilities endless. Captain America travels back in time to put back the stones, and gets his own happily-ever-after in a different timeline, before returning, aged, to pass on the duties of Captain America to his close friend Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). 

Captain America giving his shield to Falcon seems to be a lead-in for another new Disney Plus show, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, as Bucky Barnes, Steve’s long-time best friend, is right there next to the two throughout the touching scene. 

The movie itself is filled comedy (there are some absolutely amazing Captain America and Thor scenes throughout), and with callbacks and flashback scenes to the other 21 Marvel movies, its seemingly a perfect wrap-up film. 

As the theater goes dark, with no infamous end-credit scenes, the sound of Tony Stark hammering his first Iron-Man suit can be heard.