Tennis season 2019

Player Q & A


Rowan Ogden, Staff Writer

The girl’s’ tennis season was filled with highs and lows as any sports season is. But what did the girls on the team themselves feel about their season? When asked seven questions, a few of the girls replied with generally positive comments.

1. What was the most enjoyable thing regarding your time in tennis this year?

  • “The most enjoyable thing for me was meeting new people and making lots of new friends on the team.” – Anonymous
  • “Meeting newcomers and helping them out.” -Anonymous
  • “Getting closer with underclassmen and being able to communicate with them.” -Anonymous
  • “Playing with everyone was a lot of fun, even though we didn’t see the upperclassmen much, we were still able to bond/connect, and it really did feel like a ‘tennis family’. There was no drama and everyone’s chill.” -Anonymous

2. What do you feel is your team’s strongest point?

  • “I feel like my team’s strongest point is that we’re all supportive and encouraging to one another.” -Anonymous
  • “Being able to accept anyone in the team, whether they’re good or not in tennis.”-Anonymous
  • “We always had a good attitude, and we’re all about positivity. It wasn’t ever about winning, in the end, out on the courts it was always about having fun.” – Anonymous

3. What did you NOT like about tennis?

  • “What I did not enjoy about tennis this year was how both Varsity and JV was separated the majority of the season.” -Anonymous
  • “How short the season came to an end.” -Anonymous
  • “Not really anything, other than running the down and backs because those made me really tired!” – Anonymous

4. What do you wish there was more of in tennis?

  • “I wish there was more team bonding with the whole team.” -Anonymous
  • “More team bonding, getting to know our coaches better, helping each other during practices, longer season.” -Anonymous
  • “I wish we had more team bonding, more music played during practice, and a little bit longer time to practice.” -Anonymous

5. Is there anything you wish there was less of?

  • “Less quiet practices and more music during practice.” -Anonymous

6. (Directed towards players who were previously on the tennis team at RHS) How do you feel your team improved since the previous year(s)?

  • “I believe this year has been the most improvement we’ve had.” -Anonymous
  • “I think our team improved from last year by being more open to our underclassmen.” -Anonymous

7. Anything more to add?

  • “I wish we had more equipment such as: more courts/indoor tennis courts (probably not gonna happen), a tennis wall, more hoppers or a tennis ball cart, new uniforms, and tennis ball machines.” -Anonymous
  • “I hope people come back again to play next year!” -Anonymous

All of the girls only had positive things to say, whether it was included or not. Make sure to join if you are interested in tennis and go to the games to support our lovely girls playing and doing their best.