They call me, Coach King

Dajane Tullis, Staff Writer

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Although being involved in sports is not every student’s element, high school track coach Michael King absolutely adores working with his student athletes. King believes that being involved with sports in high school is a great way to connect with peers and build friendships in a way that you wouldn’t be able to in the classroom.

King preaches that watching students excel in sports gives him a sense of fulfillment. He pushes his student athletes in the classroom and on the track or field. Students who push themselves outside of the classroom are more likely to be motivated in class. There are academic requirements in order to participate so that keeps them on “track”.

According to King, coaching comes easily to him. Working with the other coaches is a breeze because they all have respect for each other and work well as a team. He has been coaching high school track for four years. Regardless of the new students or coaches coming in, every season is memorable because he can watch the new students improve over their years while sending off the seniors after watching them grow.

With track being the largest sport within school, King stresses that “with so many events, you’re bound to find something you enjoy”.

Aside from gymnastics, this is the only school sport with multiple events to choose from such as long distance, sprinting, throwing and long jump. There are plenty of others, but you get the drift.

There are anywhere from sixty to 100 students who participate every season and 3-4 to 12 usually make it to state. King says that self-improvement is rewarding for each and every participant regardless of how far they go.

If it weren’t for the students, King says he wouldn’t be coaching at all, although some coaches choose to coach for local clubs. For King, connecting with his students is the most important part of being involved with coaching. King wants to welcome all students to join track club next season.

Track always starts on the last Monday of February and ends at the end of May or beginning of June, depending on how far you make it. And as for his current student athletes, he has a message for you, “keep working through out this summer. Make sure you’re running and staying in shape. Recruit your friends for next season!”.