Renton High School versus Highline High School: a fight for State

2019 Boy's Soccer


Roba Suleyman, Staff Writer

Renton High School’s boys’ soccer team played against Highline High School on May 9, 2019.

For Renton High, this wasn’t their first time playing against Highline. They’ve previously faced off four times. This last game was a playoff game, meaning the winner would go to State.

Renton High scored the first goal in 14 minutes. The coach said they were nervous because it was playoffs. In second half, Coach Conklin decided to change the position, to do more defense, and substitute the players (who were playing the first half as well).

Coach Conklin said, “Playing without the substitute could make us lose, and every 5 to 8 minutes we have do substitutions because that’s how we more energy.”

In the second half, Coach Conklin decided play more defense ( 4-5-1) which makes it difficult for the other team to score. After 20 minutes of the second half, Highline High decided to change the position as well. Highline High started more attacking than defending.

One of the Highline school players said, “ in the second half, we decided attack because if we lose this game, it would our last game so we wanted try our chance which worked.”

When 7 minutes were left in the game, Highline scored, which made it a tie.

Since it was a tie, the game extended an 10 extra minutes so that the next team to score would win. In the 10 minutes, no one scored, so they had to do penalty kicks.

Abdulahi and Samart missed the penalties, unfortunately, resulting in Renton High School going home and Highline High School winning and going to State.