Improvements made by Renton High Schools boys baseball team

Samera Abubakar, Staff Writer

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Throughout the season, Renton High Schools boy’s baseball team has made a lot of improvements, both physically and mentally.

At the beginning season, the team had some communication struggles.

“Some of the weaknesses of the team is that they weren’t so good with communicating and supporting each other; they have now begun to learn how to do that throughout the season,” says Melissa Hiu, the baseball team’s manager.

Behind every great team, there is a story, and this team’s story is that they have worked hard to be at the place they are at. The team had some weaknesses, which consisted of: letting their anger take over their thinking, and their anger issues would often lead to a loss of a game.

They have resolved these issues by controlling their anger and letting it out on the field instead of within themselves.

Overall, the team’s improvement has been a good effect on the team. They learned how to keep a positive attitude even in a hard time; they have a chance of thinking while playing the game not only about their next move. They’re great at studying their opponents, which helps them know which player is good and which player is not so skilled.

The baseball team has a positive attitude for their upcoming seasons; they know what not to do; they learn from their mistakes and use it to make themselves stronger in the use of their own advantage.