Black’ish Review

Dajane Tullis, Staff Writer

Black´ish is an American sitcom that depicts a middle class African American family who lives in a fairly nice neighborhood. ¨Andre Johnson¨, the head of the household grew up in Compton, a hood in California, and was raised in a much harder situation than his wife and kids. Andre is constantly enlightening his family of their culture, sharing with them all the beautiful aspects of being Black in America while also making sure that they are aware of the harsh realities that come along with being colored. Being that they have grown up in a completely different environment than he did, they lack knowledge when it comes to Black culture. While the show is hilarious and features a lot of comical moments, it also has an educational message in each episode.

Black´ish has been one of my favorite shows for many reasons. I love how in each episode it has a different approach than other shows when it comes to real problems. They make sure that they can keep up with modern events and educate viewers on what is actually happening around them. While diving into heavy topics and life lessons, they are still an upbeat family friendly comedy show that is entertaining through out the entire episode.

Comedy shows hardly go into past AND present racial problems in the world, but Black´ish does. In some episodes they will give us a very short and quick history lesson on a racial problem that is still relevant in modern times, or the history behind something that people do not understand. This does not mean that every episode is going in to some super deep topic, but they explain things like stereotypes, how stereotypes have started, and why people may believe them.

This show also goes beyond just racial issues. It also teaches family values and communication skills. There are times in the show where viewers can watch a conflict fully develop and then see how characters choose to handle it. It is ensured that they show viewers the proper way to handle a difficult situation and they may give a drastic example of what not to do in a comical way.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this show to any type of audience. I truly believe that no matter your race, social class, or usual interests, this show will be relatable, draw you in and touch you in a positive way.