Spoiler-FREE review of Detective Pikachu

From a student critic’s perspective.


Jie Chen, Staff Writer

The Pokémon Series–whether it be the game or the animated series–has long been one of the most favorite series in the world ever since its first game debuted in 1996. Then in 2019, the series took a leap and presents us a whole different world in the form of live action movie.

The movie was first aired on May 3rd in Japan and May 10th in the United States, starring Ryan Reynolds as the voice for Pikachu (This is only when Pikachu is talking to Tim, to other people they still hears the original cute voice of Pikachu, which is voiced by Ikue Otani ), and Justice Smith as Tim Goodman.

The story started out with Tim being informed that his father (also the ace detective), Harry Goodman was dead in a car crash. And so Tim took a train to where his father lives — Ryme City, to pack up his father’s belonging. But once he got to the apartment where his father lives, he met a Pikachu which it seems like only Tim can understand what he is saying. Although the Pikachu lost its memories, but he questioned Harry’s death and claimed that if he is alive, then Harry might be the same too. And from there, the two set out for their investigation….

The movie itself is packed with jokes and other fun elements, especially the comments made by Pikachu when they are in a situation, nothing can be funnier than a creature with a face so cute but the voice of Ryan Reynolds that will reminds you of Deadpool.

An eye-catcher of this movie would be its stunning CGI, although it is one of the most common components of modern movie, but the CGI created vivid imageries of how Pokémon will be like if they do exist in the real world. Some criticized the movie for making them looked too realistic, but isn’t that the whole idea of making a live action movie of Pokémon? Some of the music that was used in this movie are remixed version of those from the game, if you have played a Pokémon game before, then you will definitely recognize it.

Although the movie meets the criteria for good eye appeals, but the story is simple and predictable, and it doesn’t really have that much of elements for “mystery”, this could be seen as a trade off for more action-packed scenes and show off more of the CGI, but since this is the first Pokémon live action movie ever so the majority of the fan decided to just let it go because the CGI is that amazing.

Overall it is indeed a good movie that doesn’t matter whether you played the game or not, everyone can go see and enjoy this comedy-action movie. The budget of this movie is around $150 million, yet its box office has reached $181.6 million already. Before the initial release, a sequel to the movie was already in plan, which you can tell they really have faith that they will succeed.