Education options at Renton High School


Zirce Valeriano-Reyes, Staff Writer

At Renton High School, students have several options for their education during their junior and senior years.

The programs the high school offers are on campus and off. Running Start is an off-campus option, and IB programs are offered on the high school campus. Also, students may continue their high school regularly with standard classes without having to do either Running Start or IB programs.

Recently, eleven RHS students, sophomores and juniors (school year 2019-20), were surveyed. They were asked what they would like to do when it’s time for them to choose. Most of the students chose to do Running Start, as it is an off-campus option and many students prefer to leave the campus. When doing Running Start, the school does pay for your classes, but you have to maintain your grades. With Running Start, you do have to be way more independent

For example:
● You need to self-transport

● Gas will be a major factor as you have to pay for your travel

● Making sure you have all the important details that is happening at the school

● Being responsible for credits, graduation requirements, and other community college policies

There are many schools you can choose from, but the popular ones are Bellevue College, Highline College, and Renton Technical College.

Three students said that they are interested in doing IB. IB is offered on Renton’s High School’s campus. The International Baccalaureate is a international education program. This allows students to have many more opportunities internationally that can help them go further in the future. For example, if the student is interested in going to school out of the country, then IB may
be the way to go in high school.

Three students are thinking of continuing their high school regularly, which may include some IB classes. Since Renton High is an IB school, they still want students to have the IB experience so students may take one or two IB classes even if they continue high school regularly.

As all three have many benefits, personally I believe that Running Start is a great way to get an idea of what college may be like and if it is a good fit for you and your future.  However, IB is also a great option that allows you to go out of the country by accepting that there are different ways to get your education out of the United States.

Great sources to help you make this choice are your teachers and counselors. You can ask if they did any of the programs and if that was a good fit for them, and if it may help you in a anyway, as they get an idea of the way you like to learn best. You also have to consider your transportation options as well. There are many factors that go into your next education choice.

Therefore, there are many choices for you to choose from at Renton High School; you just need to make sure it is the right one for you. Keep in mind all the points made for each option that you choose from. Also make sure that your parents/guardian are involved with your decision as it may impact them in a way.