Are death penalties too much of a punishment, or is it okay in some cases?

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Are death penalties too much of a punishment, or is it okay in some cases?

Nadira Hajimohamed, Staff Writer

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20-year old Florida R&B singer/ rapper YNW Melly, also known as “Jamell Maurice Demons”, was sentenced a death penalty on the 18th of April 2019. He was convicted of murdering his 2 friends who were also young upcoming artists named YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy.

Death penalties (capital punishment) are legal in 30 states, including Florida (where YNW Melly is currently held in prison) and 20 states where death penalty is banned (including Washington).

There are mixed feelings on death penalties and what they should be used for.

A recent poll was done at Renton High School to try and get an understanding of what the students here think about the death penalty. Based off of the responses, students at RHS were pretty split in their opinions. Below are three examples of the opposing perspectives expressed by students who wished to remain anonymous.

Question: What do you think about death penalty? Do you think it is okay?

Person A: “It is not okay and should be stopped because the victims can learn from the mistakes they made instead of sending them to death. You can lock them up in prison for many years until they learn instead of sentencing them to death.”

The second person that was interviewed had something different to say.

Person B: “Death penalties must be for a person that committed multiple crimes. Killed multiple people. Basically, a life for a life.”

Person C: “Death penalties should be illegal for all states and around the world. Killing someone would make you feel some type of way and instead of killing them they should learn from what they did. And death penalty should be life in jail instead of giving them a lethal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, firing squad, and hanging.”

What do you think about death penalties? Are you against or for it?