Renton High School’s outstanding seniors

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Renton High School’s outstanding seniors

Lana Vuong, Staff Writer

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Back Row (l-r): Dawit Borrows, Huy Huynh, Loran Mueller, Jesse Victo, Anson Huang, Amanuel Meshesha

Front Row (l-r): Makeda Belete, Elena King, Hannah Ballesteros, Kayla Tran,

Cristina Plancarte Fajardo, Hannah Malkin


On April 24, 2019, the Renton School Board members had recognized 12 prodigious seniors at their meeting. These students were picked because of their academic achievement, leadership, co-curricular involvement, citizenship and character, community services, and contributions to their classmates and school.


These students are Hannah Ballesteros, Makeda Belete, Dawit Borrows, Anson Huang, Huy Huynh, Elena King, Hannah Malkin, Amanuel Meshesha, Loran Mueller, Cristina Plancarte Fajardo, Kayla Tran, and Jesse Victo


Interviewing a few of these students, this is what they had to say.


What was your favorite memory about high school?


“Probably going to state for basketball, the stay over in Yakima was the best experience with my teammates, we all had fun and took care of business.” – Victo


“My favorite memory was hosting exchange students from Chile last January.” – Belete


“I think being on the varsity soccer team for four years! The girls are so amazing and fun and supportive, and the environment they’ve created is lovely.” – Malkin


“All four years of cross country and track.” – Huang


“Going to Costa Rica over the summer.” – King


What are you not going to miss about high school?


“The stairs.” – Victo


“I’m not going to miss waking up early or having to do busy work.” – Belete


“The waking up early for SURE. Excited to get some more sleep haha.” – Malkin


“I’m not going to miss the smelly hallways.” – Huang


“The stress of IB.” – King


What are you planning to do after graduation?


“Study in marine biology and find unknown fish and all that stuff and I also want to go to the moon so yeah. Also, attend Western Washington University.” – Victo


“I’m going to Chile in August for 2 weeks then go to UW in the fall.” – Belete


“I’m going to UW! I’m planning to study with an international focus :)).” – Malkin


“After graduation, I plan to bless people up with haircuts over the summer, travel around with the homies, and then attending UW and majoring in political science.” – Huang


“I plan to go to Western.” – King


Do you have any advice you could give the lower classmen?


 “Stay on your grind, hang with the RIGHT people and that high school goes by way faster than you think. Also, get your work done ahead of time.” – Victo


“I’d say pace yourself. You want to make sure you don’t burn out early by working super hard with nothing else going on in your life besides school. Make sure you have a life outside of school.” – Belete


“Get involved in clubs/sports! And be nice to your teachers please.” – Malkin


“Life is about the journey, not the destination. Keeping grinding and stay focused on your goal, but also enjoy the hustle towards your goal, because, at the end of the day, the grind to the top is more valuable than being at the top. Also, remember to stay strapped with mint (wintergreen is the one to go).” – Huang


“Advice I’d give the lower classmen is to try as many different things as you can and to get lost in the adventure of finding yourself. High school is the best place to try everything without having to worry about too much.” – King


Why do you think you got recognized as one of the top seniors?


“I think I’m really social and I communicate with the people, nobody talks to, I guess you can say that but like the kids that are not ‘cool’ or whatever, however, they are cool as everyone else but I think everyone should communicate with each other and it should be out of love.” – Victo


“I honestly don’t know, there are so many amazing and hardworking people in my class. I’m being humble about it because they can’t recognize everyone who we believe deserves it so it’s an honor to be mentioned!” – Belete


“I think because I’ve been involved in multiple areas (sports, community, service…) as well as doing well academically!” – Malkin


“You don’t have to be recognized as an outstanding senior to BE an outstanding senior. For me, I’m just an average guy trying to make it through this world and bring up other people with me. From coat drives to leading sports teams, I really like to help support and inspire my community. Leadership and service is something anybody could do, but I think that’s why I was recognized.” – Huang


“Because of my dedication to the school how highly immersed, I am in my community and because I chose to take the most rigorous courses and push myself to be the best I can be without anyone telling me to.” – King