BSU in Bubblin’ Brown Sugar 2019


Rahjia Evans Crockett, Staff Writer

April 27th, 2019 will mark the annual continuation of the prodigiously huge event called “Bubblin Brown Sugar,” taking place at Garfield High School. After its 20-year hiatus, the event returned last year, gaining the attention it deserved by going out as one of the biggest events the Seattle School District hosted.

Bubblin’ Brown Sugar is a high school dance competition where different high-schools dance and compete against each other for the 1st place trophy, and like last year, Renton’s Black Student Union Club is lucky enough to be participating.

Ran by Vonte Sauls, the senior president of BSU, and Arianne Wilcox, the senior vice president, BSU has put in the work over the course of this entire year to get ready for Bubblin’ Brown Sugar.

From preforming in Multi-week and being one of the crowd’s top favorites, to participating in multiple step competitions to improve their skill as a team, BSU has given an impressive example of pride, tradition and excellence. And they are hoping that their hard work will be represented on the 27th.

Various after-school practices to develop their creative theme and coordinated dance will surely prepare them for the showcase.

“I decided to put us in Bubblin’ Brown because it’s a way to give back to the community,” said president of BSU, Vonte Sauls.

Bubblin’ Brown Sugar is important to BSU and is a great way to connect with people outside of our Renton community, so let’s show support to BSU as they near the big showcase.

“BBS impacts me because it’s something that Ms. Thorton, and a few other parents of dancers on the team went hard about back in the day and I want to fill those shoes, keeping the legacy going,” shared another BSU member.