Tango the exotic African Serval Cat on the loose


The News Tribune

Mariano Romero Vela, Staff Writer

In Washington state, one Sunday morning, Tango an exotic cat got loose and went to explore the area of Gig Harbor.

A Serval is a native Cat of Africa. It is important to note that this is not a domestic cat; it’s a wild cat. So, there are some difficulties when caring for them. Serval cats can weight from 20 – 44 pounds and are one of the biggest cats in the cat family. They can grow up to 34 inches in length and are known for their long legs small head and big ears. This cat can live up to 20 years. That’s twice the length of a regular cat lifespan.

Serval cats have been adored for a long time. To make it easier on people, breeders used a serval cat and a domestic cat to create the Savanah cat, which is easier to take care of than a Serval and they resemble Serval cats but with a more domestic look rather than wild. This breeding made it easier to own since Serval cats are illegal in some states or need a permit to care for. In Washington State, according to the INLANDER it said, “In Washington state, keeping a serval is allowed by state law, and doing so does not require a special permit” (Scott).

Tango left his home on Sunday morning, and throughout the week, he has been spotted by people. The most recent spot was near the YMCA Gig Harbor, and again near the pond at Heron’s Key retirement home. Tango weights 40 pounds is 6-year-old and as said by its owner Salan Weier.

“More than likely, he’s going to run away from everybody. He’s afraid of everything,”(Weier).

She also stated that Tango was used to dogs so “He’s not going to harm a dog.”

So, no need to worry if a cat the size of a dog is spotted. Weier said in an interview to King5 News that Tango is declawed and is “submissive” to people, so no need to panic.

On April 18, it was reported by the Gig Harbor Police that Tango was safely found and is now home.