IB exams start in May: are local school seniors prepared for it?

IB exams start in May: are local school seniors prepared for it?

Briley Galvez, Staff Writer

IB exams for seniors all around the world, that are placed in IB classes, start on May 6th. These are students that are aiming for either the IB diploma or certificate.

It is many students from the past who have taken the IB exams, that will say it’s some of the hardest testing one will take as a high school student.

For a student to complete an exam it takes around two whole days to finish the test, including the time spent rechecking, to ensure each response reflects the answer they wanted to give.

These students will be tested on subjects such as history, language and literature, mathematics, science (which varies in what class they took), and even psychology (an optional class to take).

These students will have to pass these exams in order to obtain the certificate or diploma which would look good on their high school resume, so they can get accepted into good universities.

Here are two students that gave us some feedback.

“The IB exams were probably the most challenging part of high school for me since everything I learned from junior and senior year are all compacted into the IB exam,” said former IB student from Renton High School, Danny Laurencio.

“IB exams really have me running for my money I’ve been preparing for these test the moment i signed up for the program,” shared Jeanna Vong a current IB student from Rainier Beach High School.