Success of the odd ones out

Jian Hao Lin, Staff Writer

Thanks to the power of the internet, content creators on YouTube can upload their home-made content to entertain and receive revenue.

Robert James Rallison (born on May 14, 1996), better known as one of the biggest animators on YouTube with screen-name”Odd1sout” has 11.2 million subscribers as of April 2019 and 0.2 Billion views in total. He revolutionized the concept of story time formatted videos with animation by incorporating characters on screen. Some of his most popular videos include the Sooubbway trilogy, Life is fun music video, Laser tag, etc.

His relatable stories and humor intrigue a lot of his viewers.

Nowadays there are a lot more story time animators on YouTube but Rallison still keeps up with them by doing collaborations and learning from others along the way.

Recently, Rallison participated in MrBeast’s 200,000 YouTuber Battle Royale along with YouTube celebrities “Jadien Animations” and Anthony Padilla. To their surprise, they were able to win the first round of the game giving the green team 100 thousand dollars. They split the prize money into the 3 equal parts.

“Each person got 33,333.33 but then we have 1 penny left so we decided to donate it to charity,” noted Rallison in a video.

Rallison originally wanted to become a math teacher but got shut down by many universities. He enjoys drawing comedy cartoons comics, and gathered a decent number of followers on Tumblr before posting animation videos on YouTube. He does what he loves every day thanks to his hard work and dedication. We can learn from this and put more in more hard work and dedication for us to do what we love too.