Child marriage in America

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Child marriage in America

Avery Petek, Staff Writer

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When people think about child marriage it is often in the context of a conversation about 3rd world countries. Though the truth is even though child-marriage is more prevalent in 3rd world countries; it is still happening in America today.

A little known fact about America’s stance on child marriage is that in 7 states there is no minimum age for marriage. Meaning KIDS can get married.

Imagine being 12 years old and married.

Between the years 2000-2010 nearly a “quarter of a million children were married in the
U.S… the majority of whom were young girls marrying older men”(Clark).

The problem America has with child marriage is not nearly as bad as other countries but within 10 years a quarter million children have gotten married and most people in this country have had no idea.

America is trying to crack down on different problems that do need attention but the government needs to realize how harmful child marriages can be to the kid involved. A social and family life are so important to a developing child’s mind, to take that away can have lasting effects on the children involved. The fact that these children are now living in a house with some strange person they may not even really know is not even the worst part. Statistics say that children in child marriages are 50 percent more likely to drop out of school. America is supposed to be to be prioritizing education of child yet the government, in some states seem to not care at all about these children at all.

The amount of child marriages that involve abuse is triple the amount of adult marriages that involve abuse. Most people are aware that domestic abuse is a big problem but somehow a lot of people either don’t know or don’t care that these children are being abused. This abuse is not just domestic abuse but it is also child abuse.

How is this problem not more obvious to the country, how are some of the states not realizing what they are doing is so bad, in three states marriage licenses have been granted to 12 year olds. How does anyone think this is okay?

The next time a bill comes up about child marriage or age limit for marriage in your state be sure to vote yes, or encourage your parents to vote yes, to raising the age limit. Educate yourself, and spend time to help educate America.

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