Washington Governor becomes a new Democratic candidate for 2020 election

Khalila Firestone, Staff Writer

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Jay Inslee, the current Governor of the State of Washington, announced on the first of March his official plan to join the 2020 election and become a candidate for the presidency. He will be representing the Democratic Party, which is nothing new to the experienced politician.

The 68-year-old Washington native has been governor since 2012, and is in the middle of his second term holding the position. Back in 1989, he was elected to the Washington House as a representative for the 14th Legislative District. Later on, in 92,’ he served for a term in the US House of Representatives. He was re-elected again in 98,’ and stayed in office with that position until his gubernatorial election.

Inslee started his election campaign as the USA’s “climate change candidate,” promising to make that his “number one” focus in office. He has spoken about how the Nation, as well as the World, is running out of time to fix the issue of climate, and that it needs to be addressed immediately within the next presidency. Some successes Inslee has had in the past on this front were with his launch of the state’s first Clean Energy Fund for research and action based around clean energy, as well as him starting the Clean Energy Institute at the University of Washington (UW).

He tweeted on the 29th about his campaign, saying, “Our country’s next mission must be to rise up to the most urgent challenge of our time, defeating climate change. Denial is not a strategy. Denial is not an option.” However, he has been criticized for his “failures to pass a carbon tax or to cut emissions” in Washington state. Plans to make all state-operated vehicles electric have not fully succeeded, and Washington state is due to end mandatory emissions testing this year.

Following the Democratic Party’s views, Inslee is Pro gun-control, he’s spoken out about “protecting and expanding access to reproductive health,” (as his web page phrases it), and he is also concerned with protecting immigrants and refugees. Inslee was one of the governors that sued the Whitehouse over its attempt to ban people, mainly refugees, who were trying to immigrate to America.

He has also been outspoken in his criticisms of Trump.

In light of the President continuing to not release his tax returns to the Nation, Inslee tweeted, “@realdonaldtrump, here’s 12 years of my tax returns. It’s past time for America to audit yours,” and proceeded to release is returns publicly.

In regards to LGBT issues, he voted yes on “prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation,” back in 2007, and the previous year “voted no on Constitutionally defining marriage as one-man-one-woman.”  SOURCES FOR QUOTES?

The election will be a tight race for the Governor who is joining alongside 12 other Democratic candidates. He is generally unknown outside of Washington state, which could hurt his chances of election against people like the better-known Sanders or Beto. The recent wave of youth voting also results in a voting pool who want younger, more in-touch candidates. While Jay Inslee is not necessarily out-of-touch, he is definitely not on the younger side of possible candidates, being almost 70.

Ultimately, his election is up to the people, so everyone, do your research, and pick a candidate you think will serve the people best.

So, Washingtonians, remember it doesn’t have to be Inslee.