Renton vs. Foss varsity girls’ tennis

Lana Vuong, Staff Writer

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TACOMA WA- On Thursday, March 28th, 2019, the girls’ varsity tennis team caught a bus onto Foss High School with their coaches Corisa Leon and David Huynh to compete and take victory for their school! Once the girls arrived at Foss, they warmed up, shook hands with each other and their coaches, and found out who they were competing against. At 3:30 pm the girls got on the courts with their opponents and competed.

The Renton’s girls’ tennis team plays around the Sound Puget 2A League. Last year’s the girls’ varsity tennis team took 4th place overall in the SPSL 2A Sound Standings with 6 wins, 6 losses, 35 individual wins, and 25 individual losses.

The Foss Falcons were defeated by the Renton Indians winning all their matches, taking 5 to 0! The single matches included Cindy Nguyen vs. Julie Dinh 7-4, 6-0. Annie Wyche vs. Megan Nguyen 6-0, 6-2. The double matches included Lorilynn Apolorio and Diana Caoagtan vs. Dieu-ly Tran and Sabrina Lin 7-5, 6-1. Charlyne Salazar and Aisha Apolonio vs. Serena Chheuy and Crystal Argueta 6-4, 6-0. Gwendoline Luu and Eliana Le vs. Laurie Fields-Winters and Christina Troung 6-1, 6-0.

The game starts off by spinning the racket, depending on the brand calling a side of the racket determining the side the player(s) want to play on or if they want to serve first. When serving, the server’s feet cannot touch or move in front of the baseline, the ball has to go over the net and into the box diagonally from the server to be counted as in, the server gets two serves if they miss both the other team gets the point, and when playing singles, players only use the inner sidelines while when playing doubles anywhere in the court is in.

The server starts the game by yelling ”LOVE ALL” (love = 0). When one person scores the server yells 15-LOVE the server always says their point first. The score is counted by 15 = 1 point, 30 = 2 points, 40 = 3 points, the fourth point would be the winning point. Whoever serves, serves the whole game until the game is over then the other side serves. If the score becomes 40-40 that would result in a deuce match, where one of the players has to win by two points (deuce and ad) if the opponent loses their ad point then players return back to deuce until someone is able to win their ad point. Players play two sets of six and must win by two points.

The next tennis match will include both varsity and JV playing at Steilacoom High School, both matches start at 3:30 pm. The varsity match will be home at Renton and the JV match will be away at Steilacoom. Come support the girls and wish them luck!