RHS blood drive results hosted by the Ambassadors

Khalila Firestone, Staff Writer

On Thursday, the 28th of March, Renton High had its second blood drive of the year. As usual, the drive was hosted in the school’s gymnasium and had been advertised around the school by the Renton Ambassadors Club the days and weeks preceding the event.

The school brought in 33 students and teachers to donate, and 21 of them were able to give blood.

From those 21 donors, an average of one pint of blood each was collected. Those 21 pints of blood will help 63 patients in doctors’ offices and hospitals in the region.

For a little under half of the donors, (14 of the people), it was their first time donating.

Local and school blood drives are an amazing way to help people in your community, so if you’re of age, healthy, and comfortable giving blood, be sure to consider coming to the fall and spring blood drives next school year!